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This was one hell of a race. I started on Pole with a 3:00.752 I had set just forty minutes before the race, but knew that I would be in a tough race at a track that I personally think is an enormous challenge. For any race track to have a three-minute laptime, means it is a track you really have to concentrate, the fact that this course includes so many blind turns and sweeping bends where the line is all-important, this track, is just fantastic! I’ve totally fallen in love with Virginia International Raceway!

I got a fairly good start, leading for about half a lap until I was passed and dropped (eventually) to third-place. I stayed in third for the whole rest of the race, but was in-touch with the leaders (who had an enormous wheel-to-wheel battle) for the entire race. I really can’t even describe how much fun this race was, but most important to me, I managed to learn that I was taking some turns in the wrong gear (as I noticed the people I was battling got better exits than I did)… I’ll hopefully have time this week to test out my new found gear selections in another race!

I also noticed when watching back the recording that I didn’t push those ahead of me very hard. There were a few times where I backed off rather than sticking as close as possible to their gearbox…

Anyway, here’s the highlights…

I ran onto the dirt four times during the race and this gave me four incident points, but still managed gains on my license. My fastest lap was a 3:00.440 on lap three.

4 thoughts on “2008S2 Week 11 – Skip Barber Race Series – VIR

  1. [..YouTube..] break smoother, i can hear the tyres blocking in each corner… big mistake in Iracing that the break was designed for extremely expensive pro pedal sets. nice race

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