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Just lately I’ve felt pretty fast and for the third time ever (but the second time in two days!) I was on pole for this race. I’d set a time of 16.092 the day before and thought that was good enough.

So I started on pole and actually led most of the race, but by about lap twenty-five (of fifty) I’d really started to feel the wear on my tyres. I came out of a turn and slapped the wall pretty hard. I’m not sure what damage I had done, but it completely changed the handling of the car. I now found myself having to run the high line around South Boston and almost unable to hold a low line at all.

Eventually over the next seven or eight laps, the person in second-place managed to close the gap and start to get his nose alongside. As I continued to run the high line I actually noticed that it is quite a competitive line when the tyres are worn as he had quite a bit of trouble getting by and clearing my car. When he did eventually get by, on lap thirty-three, I settled in and continued to run hard, finishing in second-place.

So I had a good run. I made one mistake with my wall contact and that probably didn’t alter where I would have finished. I think my tyres were fried and honestly the guy behind seemed faster. My fastest lap was a 16.062, set on lap two.

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