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The installation sequence for Cobra 11 – Nitro is straightforward, you insert the CD, click install and all you have to do then is choose your installation location. After installation you run the program and are presented with a configuration screen, the amount of options is great to see and it allows your graphics to be raised enough to make this title look extremely impressive. After the first running this configuration screen is not shown again, in order to see it you must run it via the start menu.


This game is great fun. The mission’s are great and the artificial intelligence of the traffic/opponents is quite simply, brilliant. Unlike Burnout, or many similar games on other platforms, this game’s traffic actually tries to avoid you and when you’re chasing an opponent they actually try to block you into the fence or other cars so they can get away.

I understand that this game is based on quite a famous German TV show, this should be considered with my comments about the car damage… Cars do not always explode the instant they are crashed into but in Cobra 11 – Nitro they do! Whether this is a good or bad thing is down to personal taste… The crashes are absolutely spectacular and are for sure something you’d expect to see on a TV show of Hollywood movie, but they’re not realistic in the slightest.

One other thing that slightly annoyed me were the physics which put simply, are very arcade. This is the development team behind Mercedes Benz Truck Racing (a simulation I still own), I frankly expected a little more… Not to say it isn’t fun still, but I really hoped the driving would be more of a challenge. Other than how easy it is, there’s one little physics bug that got on my nerves… If you ever get up on two wheels it’ll come back down and bounce on that one side like crazy… Grrr…

As you progress through the game ranks, you are given various different vehicles to drive including sports cars, police cars, ambulances and trucks. This game has all you could really want in terms of variation and mission types… But unfortunately, there isn’t enough of them… It’s easy to finish the “ranks” in a day and I am guessing that is why most other game types are blocked by an incredibly annoying message. In my opinion, you don’t block a “single race” mode on an arcade title – I’m amazed they could ever think that was a good idea! Arcade games are supposed to be picked up and played, quick and easy… Locking that type of race was a bad move.

Two in-game videos are available below so you can see the game in action (one I recorded directly below and the official trailer further down the page).


The graphics are superb. They are crystal clear and the car models look great, as do the trees, fences, bridges and even the people. The damage effects are “huge” and the explosions, smoke, fire, debris and sparks all look very good. The automatic action replays of big crashes are often a welcome break and always look extremely good. I did spot another bug though, if you drive from the “Hood” view (selectable while driving by pressing C or in the options menu seen below) and take any damage, the camera bleeds into the damage model and looks very ugly…


As the physics felt arcade I only tried the title with my keyboard, it’s possible to complete the game easily with them. The keys (with default settings) do take a little time getting used to, as you are required to just tap the keys to adjust while navigating through traffic.


The sound is great, everything you would hope for. I assume the music is chosen based on the TV show, but yet again the TV influence isn’t my taste…


Superb, sharp graphics.
Very good A.I. on the opponents and general traffic vehicles.
Good mix of vehicles available.


Damage effects are a little mixed, it is over-the-top but it is very visually impressive.
Arcade physics, but they are a lot of fun.


Game can be “finished” within a day.
Game modes (single race) are blocked until content is unlocked in the career.


Probably not worth the cost of a full priced game. Sort of seems like they meant to include more content but never got around to it. The fact they blocked single race modes is a big turn off for this game. Lots of fun – until you finish it.

Download here. 175.25MB.

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