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The other day my wife came home and told me to go down the street to the lake for a photo opportunity. She said that there were twenty Deer by the lake, eating. I finished what I was doing and then headed out…

As I pulled my car into the parking area, I noticed straight away that there didn’t seem to be any Deer around at all. I went further in so that I could turn around and suddenly, there he was.

I snapped a quick photo from the car when I first saw him.

I watched and shot a lot of photos. They’re all uploaded to a set on Flickr.

I got some nice shots and he ran around for a really long time. Through my observations I figured that he did probably scare away the Deer, but they weren’t what he was eating when I got there… Instead, he was scaring Geese into the air and then eating their eggs. Very clever.

He was a really good size. Bigger than any Coyote I have seen in a Zoo, and bigger than the Mexican Gray Wolves at Brookfield Zoo.

He ran around for a long time eating eggs.

He seemed very wary of coming close to me. Although if I had a young child playing outside with one of those around I would probably be quite concerned to see something that big running around.

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Left: Our Siberian Husky as a puppy.

Animals are very important to me, whether that is the dogs I grew up with, the cats my wife and I got together, the loving Labrador or Siberian Husky we have, or even the animals I see at the Zoo when nobody else seems to want to be there.

Our cats are siblings (brother and sister). The male has Cerebellar Hypoplasia; He walks funny, tends to pee and poop right next to the litter box rather than inside it, and can't jump or scratch furniture. We also have a Black Labrador and a white Siberian Husky. They have slept curled up together every night since both joined our family, and because I work from home, are very attached to their human (me).

One of my favorite things to do is take the Husky on walks during the cold winter here in Illinois. I wanted a Husky for exactly this activity, and I've not been disappointed by his energy or companionship in the colder months.


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