Animals are very important to me, whether that is the dogs I grew up with, the cats my wife and I got together, the loving Labrador or Siberian Husky we have, or even the animals I see at the Zoo when nobody else seems to want to be there.

Our cats are siblings (brother and sister), the male has Cerebellar Hypoplasia; He walks funny, tends to pee and poop right next to the litter box rather than inside it, and can't jump or scratch furniture.

We have a Black Labrador and a Red/White (mostly white) Siberian Husky. They have slept curled up together every night since both joined our family, and because I work from home, are very attached to their human.

I do have to leave the Lab behind on walks during the cold Winter here in Illinois, while the Husky has a strong coat, the Lab would freeze. This was my primary motivation in having a Siberian Husky, and I've not been disappointed by his energy or companionship in the colder months.

Visiting a Winter wonderland with my Husky:


A Year In Lincoln Park Zoo Photographs

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I haven’t visited Lincoln Park Zoo as much since we moved out of the city. In 2007-2008 I probably visited once a week and some of the animals began to act differently as I would often be walking around the Zoo long before it officially opened and was sometimes there while they were being fed. I think this led some of them to become quite comfortable with me and allowed me to recognize patterns (the Polar Bears 6:30am morning swim, for example).

This is a free Zoo, in the city of Chicago, and I believe the oldest Zoo in the United States. I love it.

I’ve become so used to shooting at this zoo that it was very hard to pick just 12 photos from the two trips to the zoo I made during the year… I left out some that I like more for various reasons.

Anyway, here are 12 photos from the zoo, all shot in 2011:

Polar Bear Underwater





Red Wolf


Fennec Fox




Tigers - This made is into my top-12 purely on content, rather than quality!

Also check out my Brookfield Zoo 12.


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