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How many of you remember Jimmibo? If you were a part of the Grand Prix Legends community, chances are you either knew him or saw his Web site. His famed Bad Driving Guide and Mission to the Moon and Mars in exploding 1967 F1 cars were a good source of amusement back in the day.

I’ve been friends with Jim on facebook for quite some time, and I knew that he is now an artist. He regularly posts images from comics he draws. Recently I contacted him to see if he would be interested in making a header image and to my delight, he agreed.

He charged me, of course (time is money), but not as much as I would have expected considering it’s a talent I will never have. He asked for 50% before and he took away my specifications and came back this past Friday with a pencil drawing.

Pencil version of my 'Eagle Mk1 at Monaco' header image.

I had provided him with a reference photo of Dan Gurney at Monaco (which it turns out is probably Richie Ginther) in the Eagle Mk1 and told him that I wanted my site name ( somewhere on a banner in the background. So after giving him my approval on Friday, he went away again to add color…

Barely three days later he came back with a full-color version seeking my approval, he got it and was sent the other 50% of his fee, and you can now see it at the top of this page.

It’s pretty cool to not only have been able to reconnect with him over 10 years after I met him online, through a racing simulation, but to be able to use the talents he has, it’s great.

If you want to make use of those talents, or just check out some of his work, visit

2 thoughts on “New Header Image on my Web site

  1. I love your Eagle site header, Tim! Thanks for the background on its development. I sure do remember Jimmi Bo, also.

    Your suspicions about the driver in that photo are right on. That is definitely Richie, and not Dan, behind the wheel. For one thing, Dan’s helmet has been black in every image I’ve ever seen. Secondly, reports of the ’67 Monaco GP show Ginther as DNQ in the #22 Eagle.

    Thanks for taking me back to the ’67 GP season again!

    P.S. Here’s a Road and Track video of the #36 Eagle at modern-day Spa, with voice-over by Gurney, closed out with historic b/w stills.

    All the best,

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