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A few weeks ago, I began writing a post about Frontier – Elite II. The David Braben classic was released in 1993 and I am still playing it. Part of that post (not yet finished) is a fairly long rant about how games these days are usually too easy, too quick to complete, and how the space genre has been largely forgotten by developers and publishers.

Frontier is difficult - and I love that it is.

One set of games which did satisfy me for quite a long time, was the Wing Commander series. I actually have them all here in the US, and have very fond memories of becoming deeply engrossed in the storylines. As a young lad, growing up in England, it really did give an escape from the difficult environment we were in at the time.

Wing Commander - Featuring the dreaded Kilrathi!

The saddest thing, as I mentioned above, is that this genre is so sparsely populated, it’s just sad. Without Egosoft and the X series? It has been largely abandoned. The other day, I happened to see Chris Roberts (creator of Wing Commander) mentioned in my Twitter feed by a gaming Web site, and suddenly I found myself reading about a new space game: Star Citizen.

It seems that Chris Roberts is back, and he (at time of writing) has a fully funded game in development, thanks to early support of people like me…

If you liked Elite, if you liked Frontier, if you liked Wing Commander, or if you like the X series, I think that publishers need to be sent a message that this genre (much like simulation racing) deserves to be supported. So keep your eyes on this title, and support it if you can, because we need someone to make a difference! And with David Braben sitting on the Elite franchise, seemingly unable to find the time to make it happen, this might be our only shot…

Here are the relevant links to information:

If you wanted to fund the project, by purchasing early (some pricing options giving you access to the Alpha and Beta):

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