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Ever had one of those tracks that just kicks you in the balls? That’s how this race felt, except with more actual ball kicking.

I probably should have just sat this one out. Again, another track I hadn’t run, with the complication that on this day I had my two year old daughter home sick with me. I planned to attend if I could time her nap absolutely perfectly.

As it turned out, she went to sleep pretty good, but due to her cold, she did keep waking up, this really affected my concentration in the race as I had to listen to make sure she went back to sleep again while I was driving. I don’t even normally listen to my wife talking to me while I’m driving. ;) I also only turned my first laps on the track during qualifying, which meant I even had to lengthen gear ratios AFTER I set my fastest lap so I didn’t blip going into the final turn in the race.

Fin Sta Driver Interval Led Fast Lap
1 2 Joern Hoormann 17 laps 17 2:08:855
2 3 Christian Baxmann +6.444 0 2:08:907
3 1 Rob James +9.240 0 2:08:784
4 10 Peter Ridley +32.190 0 2:10:183
5 9 Matt Palla +36.923 0 2:11:097
9 12 Timothy Wheatley Stopped 0 2:11:640

I feel like my only victory of the race was the fact that I missed the melee in turn one. By the end of the race I knew I couldn’t lose a position, so just parked it as I began my final lap… Everything else? Well, I think this video should sum it up (the stop-go penalty at the end was for course cutting due to my many off-track excursions):

Looking forward to the next race, I actually know the track pretty well. Loch Drummond!

Here is the official race report from Sebring.

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