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After months and months of training, learning and fact finding, it is time to play the game for real: Elite Dangerous is released in seven days. With the recent announcement that our stats will not be reset on December 16, 2014 (the official launch), it’s time to start playing now.

As an early backer I had access to the Alpha, Beta and Gamma phases. During that process I have been quite consistently impressed by the development pace and quality. There’s been a few things that have concerned me, but nothing that would stop me playing at this point.

So, where to start? As an early backer I also have access to quite a few start options. I have decided to start my career in Lave, as I most often did in Elite II, but have also got rid of my Cobra Mk III in that game profile (which you can sell for 0 CR), so I start with the standard free Eagle. To me, this feels more like Elite.

Much like Elite II, I expect to stay in the local area for a while doing courier missions and bounty hunting until the local mafia hate me. If there is any need to move after the 16th due to a galactic conflict or something I can fight in, I’ll make that decision then…

5 thoughts on “Elite Journal: Introduction

  1. Hi Tim

    Found you on youtube after bumping into ED while browsing, have purchased a pre order, voice attack and the HCS Voice pack which looks like it will make the game much more fun. I’m really looking forward to getting going for real tomorrow, I can’t quite get through the final combat tutorial, just past ship 3 before dying, my joystick is very old so I think I’ll invest in the T-1600, great videos which have, and will, really help.

    Kindest regards


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  3. Those combat tutorials give a good variation on what you may encounter out in the wild, but the vast majority will be easy and the minority will be hard. The thing is, you can always run away! Thanks for the kind comments, best of luck!

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