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I owned an Amiga A600 and anticipated owning Frontier: Elite II hugely, watching a rolling demo of the intro sequence movie from the coverdisk of CU Amiga (Nov. 1993) as I went to bed at night! The game was given to me that following Christmas, and I never really looked back, continuing to play the game in some form until 2014!

Elite II really was an amazing game, because although I played through the Wing Commander series, the X series by Egosoft, and even EVE Online, I always went back to Elite.

Despise initial concerns from me during the Kickstarter campaign about timing, I am actively playing Elite: Dangerous, the long-awaited game from David Braben. With ED I actually once again feel like I can escape life.

I also backed Star Citizen on Kickstarter, this game from Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander), and I'm quite excited to see where that goes with both the Squadron 42 single player and multiplayer versions of that.


Elite Journal: Good Intentions

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I couldn’t read the GalNet News anymore without getting involved. While I would have sincerely liked to help the Slave revolt, the Empire are a superpower I can see myself becoming allied with in the future, despite my revulsion towards Slavery… The decision was made, I was going to travel the massive distance to Kappa Fornacis to help the controlling faction defend itself against the Federation.

The Federation have every right to dislike the narcotic, Onionhead, but they have absolutely no right to blockade a system, kill innocent families and act like they rule the galaxy. So with the very best of intentions, away I went.

Upon arrival in Kappa Fornacis, the full extent of the blockade became apparent. The checkpoints, conflict battles and capital ships filling the system listing made my jaw drop. I quickly realized that the task is largely impossible. All I could do was try…

The military might on display from the Federation is impressive.

The military might on display from the Federation is impressive.

I took a combat mission from the Farmers Union, killed a few Federal Navy ships…

Footage of my Federal kills mission in Kappa Fornacis.

After making that small amount of money, I decided to make my way home. In an effort to slap the Federation in the face, I sold my shield cells and generators, acquiring six tonnes of cargo space instead. I then shipped some Onionhead all the way back to Lave and the Black Market in Warinus Platform.


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Tim is British and lives in the United States with his wife and kids.

He works for software developers Image Space Inc. and Studio 397 on their racing simulations, and is a fan of Gaming, Motorsports, and photography.