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I owned an Amiga A600 and anticipated owning Frontier: Elite II hugely, watching a rolling demo of the intro sequence movie from the coverdisk of CU Amiga (Nov. 1993) as I went to bed at night! The game was given to me that following Christmas, and I never really looked back, continuing to play the game in some form until 2014!

Elite II really was an amazing game, because although I played through the Wing Commander series, the X series by Egosoft, and even EVE Online, I always went back to Elite.

Despise initial concerns from me during the Kickstarter campaign about timing, I am actively playing Elite: Dangerous, the long-awaited game from David Braben. With ED I actually once again feel like I can escape life.

I also backed Star Citizen on Kickstarter, this game from Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander), and I'm quite excited to see where that goes with both the Squadron 42 single player and multiplayer versions of that.


Elite Journal: Pirate Lord Assassination

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After returning from Kappa Fornakis, it was back to business as usual. Bounty Hunting can be a tricky way to make money, but it’s what I am best at.

Unfortunately at this point, after another evening spent in Zaonce, the local crime family hate my guts. I don’t even need to work to find them anymore as they’ll often attack me without any additional provocation on my part. Interestingly, even those with a clean criminal record seem to be willing to risk it all, by openly attacking me.

Quick video showing red CLEAN status pilot attacking me before I had fired upon him.

The only really annoying part of this is that I am really risking myself even more than I was before! Often I have two or three ships attacking me at once, and that can be difficult to cope with. Then, if they were clean prior to attacking, the bounty is a minuscule 200 credits (their fine for shooting at me)!

Oh well, at least now with a rising combat rating I seem to be more trusted with more combat missions (Pirate hunts). The local factions have offered me a few assassination missions as well, but I never took them until last night, when I was asked to track down and eliminate a Pirate Lord – in an Anaconda…

Taking this guy out – by the skin of my teeth – felt like a pretty epic achievement.

I actually just managed it (with the help of the local security). I feel like I could have done it with less hull damage, as I took some risks I didn’t need to. Quite satisfying to get that huge haul of credits for what really wasn’t a lot of time spent. Very tempting to continue doing them… Though perhaps I should consider a ship upgrade first!


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Tim is British and lives in the United States with his wife and kids.

He works for software developers Image Space Inc. and Studio 397 on their racing simulations, and is a fan of Gaming, Motorsports, and photography.