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After returning from Kappa Fornakis, it was back to business as usual. Bounty Hunting can be a tricky way to make money, but it’s what I am best at.

Unfortunately at this point, after another evening spent in Zaonce, the local crime family hate my guts. I don’t even need to work to find them anymore as they’ll often attack me without any additional provocation on my part. Interestingly, even those with a clean criminal record seem to be willing to risk it all, by openly attacking me.

Quick video showing red CLEAN status pilot attacking me before I had fired upon him.

The only really annoying part of this is that I am really risking myself even more than I was before! Often I have two or three ships attacking me at once, and that can be difficult to cope with. Then, if they were clean prior to attacking, the bounty is a minuscule 200 credits (their fine for shooting at me)!

Oh well, at least now with a rising combat rating I seem to be more trusted with more combat missions (Pirate hunts). The local factions have offered me a few assassination missions as well, but I never took them until last night, when I was asked to track down and eliminate a Pirate Lord – in an Anaconda…

Taking this guy out – by the skin of my teeth – felt like a pretty epic achievement.

I actually just managed it (with the help of the local security). I feel like I could have done it with less hull damage, as I took some risks I didn’t need to. Quite satisfying to get that huge haul of credits for what really wasn’t a lot of time spent. Very tempting to continue doing them… Though perhaps I should consider a ship upgrade first!

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