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I’m aware of the fact that a lot of animated movies seem to portray young women who need a ‘Prince’ to come along and rescue them, but, what else are they showing us? I noticed recently that the father in many movies is a brainless idiot who wants to kill everything, and needs his children to save him. The strong or even partly normal fathers are killed off in a tragic accident of some sort.

Triton is PISSED.

Triton is PISSED.

Just a few examples:

Aladdin – father completely clueless about his daughters needs and wants, has to be taught these by homeless man.
Beauty and the Beast – possibly senile.
Brave – is it moving? Stick a sword in it. Probably needs a homeless man around to teach him things.
Croods – needs daughter to teach him basic fundamentals of survival outside a cave. Literal Neanderthal that is basically the same as most fathers in other movies, but with less clothes on.
Dumbo – absent father.
Finding Nemo – overprotective, angry, drives his son away. Largely redeems himself by swimming (he’s a fish).
Frozen – isn’t able to accept his daughter for who she is, or nurture her gift. Winds up making it worse, dies on a ship.
How to train your Dragon – is it moving? Stick a sword in it.
Lady and the Tramp – seems clueless about everything, except dog training, but lets his wife ruin that anyway.
Little Mermaid – resolves disagreements by breaking things, taking away freedoms, getting angry, banning singing. Who does he think he is? A God?
Lion King – killed off for being a good father.
One hundred and one Dalmations – seems clueless about everything, not good at dog training either.
Peter Pan – aggressive, angry, brainless, thoughtless. Hates the extremely well trained dog.
Pocahontas – please daughter, teach me how to use my brain. Is it moving? Throw a spear at it. Is it still moving? Shoot it.
Sword in the Stone – a bully.
Toy Story – are the women in this all divorced, or what?

So, are there any movies out there where the father isn’t either stupid, angry or overly aggressive?

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