Elite Journal: Among the Stars

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When I saw ‘Among the Stars‘ first appear on the GalNet News wire, I knew I had to take part; I had recently lobbied myself to build a station deeper out into space, I organized provisions and worked to make ‘Wheatley’s Rest’ a reality, but it wasn’t to be. Instead it was decided to build one in the Pleiades Nebula – this felt right.

The first thing required for this operation would be metals. I initially shipped goods using my Python, but eventually brought my Lakon Type 9.

It went very well, I managed to ship 28,620 tonnes from Awonai to Kaushpoos and this put me into the top 5% of all contributing commanders. I ended up with a 15,000,000 CR bonus.

Once Neville Horizons realized they needed more metals, I brought my Python back to the fight and decided to protect the miners. This went extremely well, I cashed in 6,344,506 CR worth of bounties to again hit the top 5%. I took a 10,000,000 CR bonus.

With the continuing mining operations in and around Kaushpoos, it wasn’t long before GalNet reported warnings. “Pirates Fight Back” headlines caused quite an unneccessary amount of fear and panic among the local population, so again I took my Python out to help reduce Piracy in the system.

I ended this campaign with a whopping 16,690,273 CR of bounties and yielded a top 15% placing and a bonus of 12,000,000 CR.

With most pirates either running in fear or recovering from the disarray of such an assault, another alert was issued for metals to be brought to Kaushpoos. “Mine Palladium!” This time, apparently due to the market being flooded with inferior quality goods, they had to be mined rather than commodity market sourced.

I worked hard in most of the local systems to find a good source of Palladium over a number of days, but eventually gave up… With just hours remaining in my availability, I got word of a location that might work so quickly grabbed my mining Asp and set out towards HIP 43296; This system had a Brown Dwarf with high yield rings that were teeming with activity!

I only mined for a total of about 30 minutes, but picked up a whopping 25 tonnes during that time. I cashed out in the end within the top 66% of all commanders for a 7,500,000 CR bonus.

I have heard rumors that the true reason for this station being built is somehow related to the alien artifacts people have been picking up recently. If this is true, I hope whoever is behind this has studied their history, because meeting another being hasn’t ever really been a positive thing for humans…

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