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I had a dropped race just before this one where honestly, I was pathetic. I screwed up so many times coming back onto the oval that I decided in this race I was going to go much slower. To my surprise that actually seemed to give me a better exit, so I got pretty excited about that! I hadn’t qualified before my first race, but did do before this second one. I set a time of 1:11.823 – which I thought a decent lap – and that gave me pole position for my race later on (the amount of drivers registered was large and this gave me a split where I was the 4th highest rated driver).

I got a great start and led until we exited the oval. I braked badly, locked up and went very wide, letting 1 car past and almost dropping to 4th! Luckily I regained my composure straight away and set about chasing down the leader.

I reeled off a number of really nice laps while in 2nd, including a 1:11.915, and we had a really tight battle for position.

Much to my amusement, the instant I passed the leader on lap 7 I did exactly the same thing as I had on the first lap and let him by as I slid wide exiting the oval! I typed “lol” into the chat as I couldn’t believe I’d done exactly the same thing again.

We had another series of laps were we were very close to each other and it wasn’t until lap 16 when I got by him for good. He slapped the wall coming off oval turn 2 and damaged his suspension. During my charge to pass him I set my fastest lap of the race at 1:11.274! I took the lead on lap 16 and never looked back, only now having to worry about the backmarkers ahead of me!

Really feels awesome to win races, doesn’t it? After doing it last week at Road Atlanta in this series too I’m beginning to wonder what the hell is going on!

Edited highlights of race.

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