Fer de Lance rear thrusters working hard!

Elite Journal: Fer de Lance – Bounty Hunting Fun Again

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It’s been a long time since I found a ship that was both fresh and fun. I do feel like it is a step down in terms of overall combat effectiveness to the Python, but in my hands I feel it will make for a fantastically fun time.

I tried the Fer de Lance in early development, but it lacked the handling I was looking for, at that time I favored the Vulture. I feel my skills have progressed to the point where I want to be in a ship near the top of the pecking order, but one where I can make the difference.

I’m not yet sure on my final fitting; While I like having the four gimballed Pulse lasers, I am not 100% sure about the ‘Huge Hardpoint’ selection… I’ve tried the Plasma on quite a few ships and don’t think I’d have much fun with it. If I do end up experimenting away from the Fixed Pulse, it’ll probably be with a Cannon of some sort…

I also like the fact that the FdL doesn’t seem to be impacted too greatly by heat with Shield Cells, but I’m really not sure how this will work out in the wild against another experienced Commander. Anywhere I can find out?

35+ mins of unedited LTT 4961 HazRes combat footage in a Fer de Lance.

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