Anaconda basks in the ambient light of the surrounding Nebulae and Barnard's Loop.

Elite Journal: Planetary pancake near Barnard’s Loop

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Sitting in the bar in Conway City (LTT 4961) I pondered where to go on my annual exploration trip… Last year I’d been to Sagittarius A* and seen many sights along the way, I’d also been in the other direction towards Barnard’s Loop. I’d always explored in a Cobra Mk III, which was a sweet ship I greatly enjoyed, with a good heat tolerance level when I messed up my timing during travel. I decided to outfit my Anaconda for exploration, start out by visiting Barnard’s Loop again and see where things went from there…

Screenshot 2016-04-23 10.50.14

I arrived in the Barnard’s Loop vicinity incredibly quickly, and felt that this could be a fantastic trip. I could cover some real distance! I tooled around a little in the SRV I brought along as well, using this short-range trip as an indicator for my longer journey to come…

Then it was time to learn a valuable lesson; I saw a planet with rings that looked like a tasty spot for some good images. I set towards it at full speed, coming in for a steep approach, noticing too-late that the gravity was almost 6G. I tried to reverse my direction of travel, but simply reacted too late, slamming into the planet surface and destroying my ship. I sat on that rock, thankfully, for only a few hours before rescue…

An extremely expensive lesson.

The last image of this Anaconda before it was destroyed on the very planet pictured.

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Left: Hires redraw I did of a 'Frontier - Elite II' Eagle ship with Merlin and Aster planets visible.


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