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If you’re anything like me, you played the crap out of Homeworld. You did, right?

While Dreadnought certainly isn’t a Homeworld clone, it does contain space ships, and they are far more cool than planes, tanks or warships seen in similar free-to-play MMO ‘war games’. In fact, if you imagine World of Warships with vertical movement under/over objects – set in space – then you pretty much have the synopsis.

I got access to the Closed Beta after buying one of the Founder Packs (which start at a measly $10); I saw the game itself being streamed by Bad News Baron and that was enough for the purchase decision. Once fully public, the game will actually be free-to-play, similar to the other war games mentioned above, though I am expecting them to monetize the thing somehow (as the other games mentioned above do as well).

Here is a quick video (I say that, but it’s over 50mins long with two full-length team-play matches), featuring the closed beta and showing you a scratch off the surface of what this game will have to offer. Expect to see more maps, more ships and a more polished non-beta product later on…

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