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It’s not often, especially during the last few years, that I have been on the cutting edge of PC technology; Just recently I upgraded my PC though, and during the process ordered a GTX 980Ti.

While that 980 was being shipped, I heard NVIDIA were going to have a press conference, so I watched a stream and saw the GTX 1080 being presented. It seemed a no-brainer, so I began the return process for the 980Ti the day I received it. While it is an excellent card, I’d be able to buy a GTX 1080 for the same price!

Below you can see the unboxing, and short clips of the benchmarks:

What I find interesting about how most consumers buy something like a graphics card, is that they go to some tech Web site and look at a chart; The chart will list framerates (usually average over a specific time) for some games or in benchmarking utilities. Most of the time I don’t play the games being benchmarked, and the benchmarking utilities tell me NOTHING about how the hardware will perform on the games I actually do… I work for the developer of rFactor 2, and most of the time I play Elite: Dangerous. These are the games I want the GTX 1080 to perform with. These are the things I care about.

I ran benchmarks comparing the GTX 1080 with the GTX 970 I would be replacing. The results speak for themselves:

So rather than seeing a statistic from NVIDIA or a chart on a Web site, you now have real-world examples for you to make your purchase decision. Good luck.

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