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I’m a PC user, so I am very much used to the concept of a console exclusive; I have been a victim quite a few times. When I heard Grand Theft Auto V would be yet another timed exclusive, I went out and bought the GTAV Playstation 3 package. I enjoyed GTAV immensely and played through the storyline, but didn’t feel the setting of the game lended itself to me ever touching the game again in free play mode…

I had some recommendations to try Red Dead Redemption, so did, and loved it! The setting was something special, because in the same way that I felt Liberty City (New York City from GTAIV) was something I could revisit endlessly, a Wild West setting is equally attractive. I played the game quite a bit, but didn’t get it finished before selling my PS3 and buying an XBOX One. Why did I buy an XBOX One? Well, I liked the backwards compatibility… It took way longer than I expected, but I thought that eventually I’d be able to play Red Dead Redemption on my XB1.

The day finally came in July, 2016! Red Dead Redemption entered backwards compatibility on XBOX One… I could finally play that XBOX 360 version I had bought earlier!

Below are six videos of my Red Dead Redemption storyline playthrough:

Now that I have completed the storyline, I have to say this was one of the most incredible gameplay experiences I have ever had. The story has a lot of gritty elements, but is so well written that you end up wanting to do what the story leads you to do. The ending, however surprising, is superb…

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