The earliest games I remember playing were on the Commodore Vic-20, they were text-based or 'write your own'. I never really used consoles probably due to the time experienced 'programming' on the Vic-20.

After the Vic-20, I was given a C-64 then Amiga by my parents, and this was when I really got into sim racing for the first time. The first major simulation being Geoff Crammond's F1GP, and eventually this led me to move through most simulations, and end up working for simulation developers myself.

rFactor 2 racing simulation:

Apart from racing simulations, space games like Elite, Wing Commander and the X series from Egosoft have been a solid focus. I use them to 'escape' from work.


Red Dead Redemption Playthrough and Thoughts

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I’m a PC user, so I am very much used to the concept of a console exclusive; I have been a victim quite a few times. When I heard Grand Theft Auto V would be yet another timed exclusive, I went out and bought the GTAV Playstation 3 package. I enjoyed GTAV immensely and played through the storyline, but didn’t feel the setting of the game lended itself to me ever touching the game again in free play mode…

I had some recommendations to try Red Dead Redemption, so did, and loved it! The setting was something special, because in the same way that I felt Liberty City (New York City from GTAIV) was something I could revisit endlessly, a Wild West setting is equally attractive. I played the game quite a bit, but didn’t get it finished before selling my PS3 and buying an XBOX One. Why did I buy an XBOX One? Well, I liked the backwards compatibility… It took way longer than I expected, but I thought that eventually I’d be able to play Red Dead Redemption on my XB1.

The day finally came in July, 2016! Red Dead Redemption entered backwards compatibility on XBOX One… I could finally play that XBOX 360 version I had bought earlier!

Below are six videos of my Red Dead Redemption storyline playthrough:

Now that I have completed the storyline, I have to say this was one of the most incredible gameplay experiences I have ever had. The story has a lot of gritty elements, but is so well written that you end up wanting to do what the story leads you to do. The ending, however surprising, is superb…


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Tim is British and lives in the United States with his wife and kids.

He works for software developers Image Space Inc. and Studio 397 on their racing simulations, and is a fan of Gaming, Motorsports, and photography.