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I backed Star Citizen on Kickstarter but last played back in June, 2014. Arena Commander 0.8 had just been released and although it seemed like fun, I was having more fun with the pre-release versions of Elite Dangerous. I decided to stop following development of Star Citizen entirely, focus on Elite and come back to Star Citizen later on.

TWO YEARS LATER I’d played Elite to death and frankly with the Engineers 2.1 update felt a bit disillusioned and burned out. I decided to check-in on Star Citizen again and was pleasantly surprised to find out just how far it’s come. I decided to livestream my exploration, and found myself being advised and helped every step of the way by viewers from the Star Citizen community over the next two months of streams.

I have edited all the streams down to mimise them. You can skip to specific content if you wish, but if you are new to the game, or haven’t looked at it in years of development, I highly recommend watching them fully so you can get the same experience I had.

4m38s – Hangar quick look
8m16s – ARC Corp (planetary city) tour
29m15s – Crusader (current playable universe)
34m0s – Flying a ship
36m30s – Combat
38m17s – EVA
41m55s – GrimHEX (asteroid base) tour

Livestream 2 I did missions!

In livestream 3 I reset my security status and got a look at a bigger ship (the Constellation)!

I got to try out a Gladius, Hornet and Constellation turret in combat. I lost two of them in collisions – oops.

I try out the M50 mostly (which is free to test) and get to explore a bit of the MASSIVE Starfarer ship. Other than that? MUCH COMBAT!

I try out the P-52 Merlin and Avenger Titan!

I try out the Vanguard Warden, Freelancer and Hornet F7CM ships, get into some PvP action in each of those… Then man a turret in the Constellation before taking an NPC hostage…

1m59s – Vanduul Swarm Wave 1-18 in Vanguard (uncut)
35m45s – Public Enemy kill
37m33s – VFG Industrial Hangar (uncut walkaround)
49m57s – Self-Land Hangar (uncut walkaround)
53m55s – Revel & York Hangar (uncut walkaround)
1hr3m3s – Aeroview Hangar (uncut walkaround)

1m7s Retaliator first look
4m29s Gladiator first look
9m24s Gladiator NPC combat
14m54s Retaliator Ship tour and explore
33m01s Olisar at night (Retaliator external)
35m36s 1st person pvp kills
38m36s British guy valet
40m23s Constellation NPC combat for 15mins
55m46s fish tanks in hangar

0m23s – Vanduul Swarm COMPLETED in ANVIL Gladiator
43m35s – Finding the bridge (finally) on a Starfarer
48m14s – Impressive Starfarer damage states
50m10s – My referral code and outro

Tonight I tried the Mustang Delta.

0m08s – Intro
0m39s – Citizencon demo playthrough/commentary
46m40s – Proper firegroup and weapons on Aurora (finally)
47m58s – Aurora NPC combat
51m56s – Outro including referral code

Today I got to explore *every flyable ship* at this time in the safety of the hangar. LONG VIDEO – I MEAN *EVERY SHIP*.

0m46s – VNCL Glaive Ship (alien)
8m39s – XIAN Aopoa Khartu-al (alien)
15m37s – ORIGIN Jumpworks 325a
25m11s – Reliant Kore
39m37s – Cutlass Black (no real damage model)
48m11s – ARGO MPUV Transport variant
57m06s – Sabre
1h4m38s – Avenger Warlock (ECM look as well)
1h15m28s – Super Hornet F7CM
1h31m02s – Starfarer
1h33m48s – Freelancer (started dropping frames from stream)
1h40m02s – Outro (mainly bitching about Windows10 doing an update)

Closing out my Star Citizen ‘Rookie’ series I am fairly happy with how Star Citizen is progressing! I have a totally different opinion to where I started out.

0m10s – Intro and run-through of my Star Citizen “Rookie” series
(I am ending that series)

9m2s – ANVIL Hornet F7C NPC combat
15m40s – Stowaway uncut
31m01s – Removing criminal rating
(continues from stowaway segment)
37m14s – Outro

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