2008S2 Week 9 – iRacing Late Model Tour – Martinsville

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I just had a pretty nice race at Martinsville in the Late Model that, for me, was marred by what someone had to say in the chat afterwards.

During the race, he had been lapping me and as we approached the corner, from my cockpit view, he turned straight into me. After the race, I was quick to rewind the replay and found that we had made no contact, but his car had reacted like we had… He then swung across the nose of my car while trying to control his. So, I knew the incident had been caused by a little bit of lag between my computer, the server and his computer.

I had typed into the chat that I was sorry and that I thought the cause was lag, but before I could hit enter and send the message winding it’s way around the world, the guy just had to assign blame… Yes, I had moved over, but physically I was well within my ‘lane’ and while he also had to point out that he had clearly gave me enough room – I beg to differ – it looks to me like he came over as much as I did!

If you watch the white line between both cars you can clearly see both cars move towards each other. Also, the initial ‘contact’ was not seen from my side of the replay, but you can clearly see his white car react like there had been contact and then slew across my car’s nose.

Could I have avoided the incident? Yes, I probably could. Could he? Yes, he probably could. I made a very small adjustment to my line, fully expecting him to not be close enough for it to cause a problem. He, obviously, made a similar assumption. If you look at the start of the replay above, you can see how far off the wall I race… I wasn’t even aware I had that much room on the right but was very well aware how much room he had on the left. It smacks of desperation – and let me point out, he lost no time due to me – in a race where he finished 2nd, 11 seconds behind the winner. It seems to me like losing 1/10th of a second by giving me as much room as he thinks he did, would not have ruined his race…

Anyway, there really is no excuse for putting someone down. Even if someone drives straight into me or rams me off the road, I think I am mature enough to realize it needs to go to the protest channels if it’s bad, otherwise, nothing really needs saying at all.

We all watch racing drivers do this in real life and what do they get out of it? Nothing.

6 thoughts on “2008S2 Week 9 – iRacing Late Model Tour – Martinsville

  1. [..YouTube..] I got totally knocked off the road today at laguna while fighting for the lead. It happened similarly to this.. maybe it was the lag monster. We were 1st and 2nd at the time, so I doubt it was any other noobish shenanigans. Ohwell. I’ve generally had great close racing in this game, as good as the fender banging action I’ve had in LFS.

  2. [..YouTube..] Yeah it’s hard to tell sometimes. From the view I had in the cockpit it looked to me like he turned into me… That obviously wasn’t true though…I found it pretty hard that he had to give ‘blame’ after the race, rather than just moving on… lol

  3. [..YouTube..] Yeah it’s hard to tell sometimes. From the view I had in the cockpit it looked to me like he turned into me… That obviously wasn’t true though…

    I found it pretty hard that he had to give ‘blame’ after the race, rather than just moving on… lol

  4. [..YouTube..] Yeah, I didn’t even bother to talk to the guy after the race. I figured he either got loose after a squirrely exit from turn 3, or it was some sort of lag/glitch. But that was one of a few crappy races today anyway, so whatever.

  5. Hi Tim. I’ve raced with you recently at Martinsville as well. You do seem to give plenty of room. I too have had lag induced crashes. It happens and I accept that as part of the service. I joined the beta in May and was very impressed with how professional everybody was. However, lately the professionalism does seem to have slipped a bit. I’m hoping we can get all the members back to the point it was before through reinforcing the good behavior and addressing the bad. At least things haven’t fully spiraled out of control with serious flames going back and forth. Yet..

  6. It seems this was a bug – and it’s been fixed. The ‘box’ around the car was bigger than the car.

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