2010S1 Week 13 – Spec Racer Ford – Summit-Jefferson

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After my good race at Summit Point, I moved onto the Jefferson Reverse configuration which sits alongside. I had never raced this layout before and turned my first laps in a qualifying session just before the event which unfortunately didn’t count for the grid order because as this race started some drivers were still active in that qualifying session… So I lined up in fifth-place.

I got a good start and quickly gained a position when the leaders made contact. The pole sitter span onto the kerbing and I just managed to sneak by and get into third by the exit of turn one.

On lap two I let Jean-Sebastien Stoezel by. He had been riding my gearbox pretty close and I really didn’t want incidents, I figured I could pass him eventually anyway… As things turned out though, he became the catalyst that changed this race completely as on lap four he hit the back of Ian Wat under braking and they both spun, blocking the track as I approached. I couldn’t stay on-track and went out onto the grass, spinning and after things cycled out I crossed the line at the end of the lap in sixth-place. Very disappointed – especially because had I not spun and just avoided them, I would be second-place instead.

Ending lap seven fourth-place Ray Myers ran wide in the final turn, letting a few cars by including me. I was now in fifth-place. Mid way around lap eight my old friend Stoezel spun off the track, giving me fourth.

Things were constant until lap 12 when Matthew Goucher ahead of me ran wide towards the end of the lap. I felt he’d been holding me up a little, so it was probably the pressure of having me behind which forced him off, while I was trying to carefully lap at 95% of my full speed just about everywhere.

With the second-place car of Timothy Murray within striking distance ahead of me with five laps to go I started trying to work out where I was faster and he was slower. While he seemed to be very fast in the high speed turns I found myself crawling all over him in back of the circuit and knew I would have to get by in the twists and turns. On lap 23 of 25 he made a mistake and nearly spun as he had been on many of the previous laps, I tried to shoot a gap on his left side but unfortunately he closed the door and after making light contact I went onto the grass, rejoining quite a few seconds back.

On lap 24 while pushing to try to catch Murray again and challenge for second-place I ran wide out of the final turn and looped the car, getting going quick, but not quick enough to stop Stoezel from outbraking me and himself into the first turn on the final lap. I hoped that he would outbrake himself too and after staying left I quickly swung right and took the position right back, holding onto it for the rest of the lap while pushing hard to stay ahead. This included the most glorious drift in one of the braking areas… Felt great.

So third-place, 5 incidents and an utterly enjoyable race. Awesome.

Watch on Youtube.

3 thoughts on “2010S1 Week 13 – Spec Racer Ford – Summit-Jefferson

  1. Good race. Plus I almost lost it on the 1st lap at the uphill right hander.

    The fast right hander is a great corner, you can gain/lose quite a bit of laptime and in my case run out of talent. :-)

  2. Yeah it’s a really tight line around this track. It feels wide open, but one slip of more than a couple of feet and you’re done for!

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