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At this point I felt fairly confident I would finish in the top-three of my division for the Week 13 Spec Racer Ford Challenge, but really wanted to make myself feel more secure. This race really did not disappoint and was probably the cleanest race I saw during week 13 – the only on-track error which affected me, was my fault!

I’d put in a quick qualifying session, setting a 1:03.227 before the race. Amazingly this put me in 5th-place on a grid where I was the 12th-highest iRated driver (who knew the competition could be so high in the rookie races!)

I got a great start and immediately moved into fourth-place ahead of a driver who missed the grid. I then gained another place in turn one after the leader hopped the kerb and almost spun to the outside of the turn. Extremely happy and sitting in third-place out of turn two!

Towards the end of lap three the lead cars had pulled away from me a little and I was pushing hard to try to make ground on them, but cut a little too much to the inside exiting the downhill. This threw me off balance and into the dirt exiting onto the main straight… I managed to keep my car off the racing surface and as an incident had happened behind me came very close to getting collected by Matej Sagmeister as he took to the grass between me and the armco! I got going again and crossed the line in sixth-place.

Starting lap four and still recovering from my spin, I gained a place when Matej went off. This put me behind Michael Becker until lap eight when he ran wide in turn one, giving me fourth-place.

I remained in fourth until the end of the race, but by lap 12 had started to close in on Burke Treidler in third. We were nose to tail in places from lap 16 onwards but although I was faster I could not find a clean place to overtake and had to settle for the position.

A fairly fun race. I like having a nose to tail battle with someone, even if I don’t manage to make the pass. It was also nice to have a clean race (with the exception of my 2 incident points for the spin on the frontstretch). It was also pretty cool that the next day I was awarded with:

SRF Division 7 - 2nd

Here’s the race video:

Watch on Youtube.

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