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This race was a mess. It’s not like the Class D racing to be this way, but there were a lot of incidents to get involved in.

I qualified prior to the event with a 22.277, this put me eighth on a grid of sixteen cars where I was rated as the third best. I hadn’t been lucky enough to find a setup from Rusty Greer prior to the event, so I had to run with the iRacing advanced setup and it did serve me pretty well until the car became damaged.

I got a good start, but being on the outside was passed by two cars and immediately dropped to tenth. I stayed fifth until lap five when two cars ahead made contact and I was able to pass them, moving into eighth.

On lap 9 I lost then gained a position after hitting the wall. The person behind passed me and someone infront pitted. Hitting the wall was the only incidents of the race I can attribute to my fault.

I stayed eighth until lap 18 when another two cars ahead of me made contact, allowing me to gain a spot and move to seventh-place.

On lap 34 two cars ahead of me again made contact and again they spun. I tried to squeeze by but got tagged by one of the cars hard enough to throw me into the outside wall, wrecking my handling. I did pass one of them, but with my bad handling lost the place two laps later.

By lap 43 I was just riding around when the cars directly ahead of me made contact (do I sound like a broken record here?), slowing them both down. I was still at speed and passed one of them, but because I couldn’t hold the car low – due to earlier damage – had to back out and give him the place on the outside. So I finished out the race in seventh-place.

So, six incidents and two of them my fault when I tagged the wall (without damage) on lap nine. My fastest lap was a 22.308 on lap seven. A big loss in SR…

I’m also really disappointed with my division placement this season. I haven’t a hope in hell of winning anything. It’s confusing because I think I was Division 7 last season and I didn’t win anything there, what the hell put me in Division 3!?

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