I’m British-born and raised, married, and live in the Midwestern United States. We have two kids, both of them girls, and a full-time adopted nephew lives with us.

My interests haven’t really changed much over the years, with focus being on Photography, Motorsport and American Football (Go Bears)! The interest in Motorsport led to the discovery of Sim racing, then the forming of a major Sim racing news site, which has been the foundation of my career.

Watch the hands closely… Racing school at Lime Rock Park, CT, USA.

After running a Sim racing Web site for six years, I was offered employment for 2005 with Bedford (Massachusetts) based company iRacing by John W. Henry; John was a member of my Web site, founder of, team owner at Roush-Fenway Racing, and is Principal Owner of the Boston Red Sox. I worked there for five years.

In 2010 my wife and I were planning to start a family, so I began working for Ann Arbor (Michigan) based Image Space Incorporated, developers of the EA Sports F1 franchise and rFactor. While I continue to work for ISI, I have also begun to work for Studio 397 B.V. based in Apeldoorn (Netherlands).


Tim is British and lives in the United States with his wife and kids.

He works for software developers Image Space Inc. and Studio 397 on their racing simulations, and is a fan of Gaming, Motorsports, and photography.

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