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Left: GP cars at Silverstone in rFactor 2.

I grew up in a household where waking up at 2am to watch races in Australia or Japan were the norm. We were huge fans of motor racing, so playing racing games seems like a natural extension of that.

My first racing game addiction was with Geoff Crammond's 'Formula 1 Grand Prix' released in 1992 on the Commodore Amiga. This game kept me going for a long time thanks to various editing tools which were available, and I continued to play it until I owned a PC. After that, I played through most of the Papyrus and Image Space Inc. titles, but have most fond memories of Grand Prix Legends.

I founded a major sim racing site that led to my employment at iRacing, Image Space Inc. and later on, Studio 397. The difficulty in working in the industry is how little time you often have to play your own games. Quite often I escape with space games instead!

Lime Rock Park in rFactor2

Lime Rock is one of those race tracks that I could quite … Continue reading

Rendering from rFactor2 to YouTube

The main problem YouTube has with racing videos (of any type) is … Continue reading

The Historical Factor
January 12, 2012
Gaming, Race Simulations

The vast majority of the positive feedback, or perhaps the users most pleased (and most vocal) have been talking about the historical content. It’s worth remembering that the cars we released were all generic ‘fictional’ 1960s cars, while the tracks (Belgium and Monte-Carlo) were extremely accurate versions of their real-life counterparts.

I expected to hear a lot of people talking about Grand Prix Legends, and I have. I expected a lot of people to say how fast and dangerous the tracks feel, and I have. But I haven’t heard anybody really saying why rFactor 2 is getting the kind of reception that it is about that content, and basing this purely on my own needs, I think I might have figured something out… Continue reading

Putting the work in – again?
November 22, 2011
Gaming, Race Simulations

Let me take you back in time: It’s 1998 and I just tried a demo version of Grand Prix Legends. I’ve crashed a lot and I’m going to give up for about a month. It’s just too difficult…

Fast forward now to 2010: I just joined ISI and got my hands on an alpha version of rFactor 2. Of course when I joined the company the only historic track was Belgium. This worked out well for me because this was my favorite track in GPL… So what happened? Continue reading

rFactor 2 – Grand Prix
October 13, 2011
Gaming, Race Simulations

Grand Prix racing in the 1960’s was a mixture of bravery that … Continue reading

16STRL Summer 2010 Round 9 – NHMS
August 4, 2010
Gaming, Race Simulations

A pretty disappointing end to what looked like being a race I was very competitive. It’s always frustrating to be taken out in someone else’s wreck that you can’t avoid but I suppose that’s racing. At least I’m not one of those hoping to win a championship having joined part-way through the season. Continue reading

16STRL Summer 2010 Round 8 – Chicagoland
July 28, 2010
Gaming, Race Simulations

After reading about 16th Street on IndyCar’s blogs and seeing long time associate Ryan Murray (who I have known for probably more than ten years now) win the championship last season, I decided to join the league when the opportunity came along and my first event was Tuesday night at Chicagoland. Continue reading

Time Trials End-of-season Report
July 26, 2010
Gaming, Race Simulations

I think this was a pretty successful season. I won eight certificates. … Continue reading

2010SE Race 9 – iRacing Brickyard 400
July 25, 2010
Gaming, Race Simulations

I felt very, very confident heading into this event. I had done very little testing but felt comfortable with the iRacing Advanced setup almost immediately. I knew I could keep the car on the track and also knew that if I needed to push I could put out some decent lap times. Continue reading

2010SE Race 8 – iRacing Historic British Grand Prix
July 10, 2010
Gaming, Race Simulations

I managed to get some testing in before this event and felt pretty confident in my consistency before the race. It turned out my confidence was not misplaced as I had a really fun time in the Historic British Grand Prix at Silverstone using the Lotus 79 1978 Formula One machine. Continue reading


Tim is British and lives in the United States with his wife and kids.

He works for software developers Image Space Inc. and Studio 397 on their racing simulations, and is a fan of Gaming, Motorsports, and photography.

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