I Am Legend (2007) Review
December 26, 2007

Read my review of the (original version of) I Am Legend, starring Will Smith. Continue reading

How to enable Image Thumbnails in Mac OS X
October 6, 2007

As a user of Windows primarily, I was stunned not to see … Continue reading

X³: Reunion Playing Tips
June 20, 2007
Gaming, Space Games

Read my hints and tips on how to make a good start and play X³: Reunion to the best of your ability! Continue reading

Austin Cooper S Racing Review
March 24, 2007

Read my review of (I can’t believe they got a license for this thing), Austin Cooper S Racing. Continue reading

Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific Review
March 23, 2007

Read my review of Silent Hunter 4 which, frankly, Ubisoft should be embarrassed about releasing so unfinished. Continue reading

Cobra 11 – Nitro Review
February 20, 2007

Read my review of Cobra 11 – Nitro, a cop chase-style racing game. Continue reading


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