Elite Journal: Lagoon Nebula
February 28, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

Heading over from Thor’s Eye and the Black Hole within that system, … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Thor’s Eye Black Hole
February 27, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

Having previously visited Pipe and IC 4604 Nebulas, I continued onwards towards … Continue reading

Fish I’ve Kept: Vulture Catfish
February 22, 2015

This page lists *my* experiences with Vulture Catfish. While some of the … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Pipe & IC4604 Nebulas
February 21, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

I continued assassinating criminal targets recently, trying the Asp, but found the … Continue reading

Ice, Ice, Ice, Icefalls and Falls
February 10, 2015
Animals, Nature

This is not the hardest walk I’ve had in terms of effort, … Continue reading

Role-playing games isn’t just for roleplay games
February 6, 2015

Just the other day, YouTube and Twitch streamer Jimmy Broadbent posted an … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Anaconda Asp-Asp-inations
February 3, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

I’ve been in Alioth for a few days now, exploring and trying … Continue reading


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