Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X Opinions/Unbox
March 26, 2015
Gaming, Hardware

I’ve had this stick for a few months now and as much … Continue reading

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Opinion/Unbox
March 22, 2015
Gaming, Hardware

Extremely happy with this keyboard, so I figured I would share a … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Traikaae AA-A H2 Nebula
March 12, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

Once I finished with the disappointing Eagle Nebula, I headed straight up … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Eagle Nebula
March 12, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

Leaving Omega Nebula behind me, I trekked on towards Eagle Nebula, staying … Continue reading

Elite Journal: Omega Nebula
March 9, 2015
Gaming, Space Games

Leaving Lagoon Nebula behind me was a hard thing to do. I’m … Continue reading


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