Who am I?
I’m 37, British, married for almost 10 years, and live in the United States. I have two daughters, a full-time adopted nephew, two dogs, two cats and a lot of fish.

I work for two software studios: Image Space Incorporated and Studio 397; Both are known for making racing simulators.

What do I broadcast?
Space games (Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen) will always be my main genre, but I stray away from them when I need a break. Although I work for racing sim developers I will probably stream those very rarely.

I’m hoping to find time to play:
– Elite Dangerous
– Star Citizen (on each major update)
– Alien Isolation (not played yet)
– Skyrim (not played yet)
– Rise of the Tomb Raider (not played yet)
– Mass Effect (not played yet)
– Kingdom Come Deliverance (on each major update)
– Planet Coaster
– Fallout 4 (not played yet)
– Grand Theft Auto IV (never completed it)

When do I broadcast?
I broadcast video games usually on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sometime between 10pm-2am Central US time. I stream (at the moment) on Beam, Twitch and YouTube at the same time using restream.io, though my largest viewership is on YouTube where I have a couple of thousand subscribers.

What are my PC specs?
i7 6700K, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080. View my full PC specs.

How can you contact me?
Twitter or email are generally the best way to go. I tend to be more private elsewhere.

Do I accept donations/tips?
Yes I do. They are not asked for, nor required, but most certainly appreciated. I can’t guarantee I will put everything donated back into the stream via upgrades or other purchases, but that is the intention.

You can donate through Stream Labs (Paypal or Credit Cards), directly though Paypal, or directly through YouTube (with Credit Cards) by clicking the blue ‘Support’ button on the right side on my channel. At this time I do NOT show notifications of them on my stream, so please let me know in-chat for now.

I’ve also been lucky enough to receive direct support in the form of credit towards upgrades in games like Star Citizen. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to do something like that.

Donations/support so far:
– Andre Braxton ($65) Star Citizen Gift Ship Upgrade.
– Domeldel ($10) Star Citizen Gift Card.
– Eric Doerr ($25) YouTube ‘Fan Funding’.

What have I livestreamed so far?
I have been livestreaming since May 11, 2016. View my livestream archive on YouTube.

Playthroughs/Let’s Plays:
Red Dead Redemption storyline (XB1 backwards compatibility playthrough)
No Man’s Sky Let’s Play (PC)
Star Citizen Rookie (Checking-in on Star Citizen after years away)
– Elite Dangerous Exploration (Galactic Nebula Expedition)
– Kingdom Come Deliverance (Checking-in after years away)


Tim is British and lives in the United States with his wife and kids.

He works for software developers Image Space Inc. and Studio 397 on their racing simulations, and is a fan of Gaming, Motorsports, and photography.

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