‘1’ the film – F1 Documentary Review

I’m not a film critic, but I do know my F1 history. My wife, she’s a complete newcomer to racing since meeting me. “1” is the first racing documentary she has sat and watched, without falling asleep or finding a way to distract herself. Does that mean it’s a winner? Continue reading

Vettel and Multi 21 – RedBull problem, or F1 problem?

The debate on Team Orders in F1 is as old as Team … Continue reading

My time with Marussia F1 Team in Canada

As is now known, the 2012 Marussia-Cosworth MR01 will be featured in … Continue reading

A Very Long Weekend

The last driver to die at the wheel of a Formula One car (or rather, from smoke inhalation over a day later in hospital) was Elio de Angelis in 1986. Although I was watching Formula One in 1986, I never saw Elio’s crash because it didn’t happen in a race. The last death to be broadcast on live TV was actually Riccardo Paletti in 1982, who died with his mother watching from the grandstand, unable to breathe, so I understand, while trapped at the chest and slowly asphyxiated by fire retardant.

After 1986, eight years of near-misses and miracles followed after the loss of Elio, until that tragic weekend at Imola in 1994. Continue reading

rFactor 2 – Grand Prix

Grand Prix racing in the 1960’s was a mixture of bravery that … Continue reading

Autosport (2006) Photo Gallery

These photos were taken back in 2006 at the Autosport Show. There’s … Continue reading

How A1 has shown F1’s Failures

Read why A1 changes F1. Continue reading


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